"Why do you go away?
So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too.
Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."
Terry Pratchett

Dia duit

I just saw that my last entry was a week ago... and there I promised myself not to get sloppy before the first month was over...
Last week, I had the first lectures... some were mere introductions, other teachers jumped right in, like the Arthistory teacher or the girl that tries to get some words of Irish in our heads. (It's more difficult than I thought, since there seems to be no logical connection whatsoever between the written word and it's pronunciation. But hopefully I will pick up on that eventually. The headline is ponounced "diagwitsh" and means "hello" or "God be with you")
Last week I've been on two city tours. one through the Dublin City Center and one Berlin-Tour. But I've been to Berlin and I got the distinct feeling that they might have been lied to us! especially since the "Berlin-wall" didn't look at all like the one I saw in Berlin...
This tour was part of the Theater Festival... it was interesting to be told about landmarks and the History of Berlin while standing in some alley of Dublin. The actress was really nice... and good. It started out as a normal city-tour but she kept weaving into it some lovestory. was really nice.
Yesterday I've been at a play at the St. Trinity University. But I don't think that the actors were students (some too old, some too young...). They played "Medea".
Not a very happy play... but really well played!
Today I watched some danceshow... two pairs of dancers... the first was rather interesting... but the second... well.... I'm guessing that that was supposed to be interpretative dance... and since I have seen one of those I feel like I've earned the right to make fun of it! Not my cup of tea.
Next week (or tomorrow) is Freshers week... that means that there will be info-tables of all the University clubs and you can sign up for anything... I will go with archery, drama, art, english... and whatever else looks promising... and will buy a ticket for the Trip to Wicklow Mountain next weekend... and join the gym!
There is a nice smootheshop oncampus where one can get freshly squeezed juices... it smells so good even when one comes near it! love it!

well... that's it for now.
I know it is a little boring without pictures... maybe I will edit this entry later and add a picture of my new boots and coat, Oscar Wilde and whatever else I can find.

slán go foill,

ps.: Thanks for the comments and guestbook-entries!
19.9.10 21:05
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