"Why do you go away?
So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too.
Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."
Terry Pratchett

Week 3

I just had the funniest evening!
I went to the Dramsoc Theatre where they playing all of shakespeares Plays in 1 1/2 houres! it was hilarious! they did it by minging all 16 of Shaky's comedies, which all basically follow the same pattern, into one 5 minute-text. int involved 3 pairs of twins Ö_ö
But they made up rushing through the comedies and most of the Kings by playing Hamlet 6 times! the first 3 times they kept increasing the speed... and the last 3 they tried to do it backwards!
it was a really great evening and incredibly funny! They even involved the audience... some of them (luckily not me) by spitting on them (Ophelia backwards drowning)...
I had already met one of the 3 actors in my first week when he was sitting on campus and having a teaparty as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He was doing a very convincing job... and the tea was good too... although I felt a little strange sitting there with him... but then again I think that was the idea
Next week I have to go and see a play I don't know... forgot the title... but the girl how showed the Movie on my first day here... I think her name was Saidhbh (pronounced saif)... but I'm not quite sure... well she is in the play next week... actually she was in the play today, too... but I'm not sure if that was completely voluntary or if she was just picked because the actors knew her. she just hat to get on the stage and scream... and beeing a little insulted.
I joined several societies today... like Dramsoc, EnglischSoc, some I don't remember the name of but who said they did drawing-classes... some creative writing-soc... an Irish soc (I got a pretty funny t-shirt there.... IF the inscription means what they told me it meant.... but maybe I will understand it at the end of the semester)... artssoc... I'm not sure...
And I still have to think about what sports-club to join.... maybe I will go with some martial arts club... they said they offered Kung Fu klasses at all levels of fitness and intensity... or fencing? maybe the "get in gear"... a 5 week programme where you can go to as many classes as you want to (I liked salsa for beginners, and yoga and whatnot)... but I have to join at least one other club because it's only 5 weeks.
The Gym looks pretty scary. I saw some guys working out there... and I've deceided to go with another club. Maybe I will get a Gym-card when I get back to Erfurt...

So... that's it for today... still too lazy to upload photos... sorry.

good night!
20.9.10 22:09
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