"Why do you go away?
So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too.
Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."
Terry Pratchett

Last week

Okay, my last entry was 7 days ago... so much about not getting sloppy, but who would want to read this stuff every day? Not me!
So... last week was... let me check my google calender.... okay: last Tuesday was the “Buddy Programme” meeting. We were supposed to meet with a group of people that had the same number behind their names and two Irish guys. Free food and drinks were provided and we are supposed to get together in this group on a regular basis to improve language and cultural exchange and stuff... the probably tried to get as many different nationalities as possible in a group or something... problem was: from my group, only one guy showed up. But the group next to me was very nice and adopted us and some other girl... we want to go to the student bar this Thursday... but maybe we should try to find another time, since this Thursday the Tandem programme starts with a similar evening. And I thought about going there... we'll see...
Wednesday was... nothing I think... the following Thursday was the International Student Reception. Which basically meant free food (finger food, most of which was fish or kind of hard to eat while walking around with a glass in one hand)... and wine (and water)... it was by far easier to drink the rather good red wine than eat... but I met some nice people.
Somebody tried to give a speech... but I hardly understood a word since everybody around me just kept talking as if they had never heard of the word “impolite”....

Friday was “Culture Night”... so after my Irish lesson I went to the city centre where all kinds of galleries and museums were open, music and cultural stuff happening.
It was an awesome night... clear sky, full moon...
There was a very narrow house in which several printing workshops were located. They told me, that around 70 artists worked in there and they explained three kinds of printing on their tour. It was really interesting because they had far more technical possibilities and used more techniques than we had at University... and it was interesting to see, what else one could do in that field of art.
One thing was not too nice: I went to see the Jameson Whiskey Distillery... but they told us (very bluntly) that the tours were full... they really did not make a good impression.
Still the Whiskey was not too bad... I tasted it the next day.

I know this entry is getting kind of long... but in this last part I WILL include pictures!

Sunday we went to thee countryside, to Wicklow county. there were 4 buses (50 seats each) leaving from UCD (how many returned I don't know )...
first we went to a mountain/hill they call "sugar coat hill"... It was not that high, but pretty steep.

the last bit was more climbing than walking. I am, as many will know, in very bad shape (but tomorrow the Ninjutsu classes start and everything will be honky donky... or so I imagine)... but I made it to the top.

Our guide had brought 4 bottles of Whiskey with her that she was serving on the top.

We could see the ocean!

It was cold up there but mostly because of the wind. We even had sunshine that day!

After that we made our way back down we went back to the buses and on to the next valley, about 20 minutes drive.
There was an old monastery with a graveyard, bell tower and two buildings...
one of it in ruins, the other looked not very damaged...

they told us, that the father of Oscar Wilde found two ancient golden crosses in there. It was a really great site...

The valley was called Glendalough, Valley of Two Lakes or so... the St. Kevins Monastery was next to the first one and we were free to go to the second one, the “Upper Lake”...

unfortunately I spend too much time sitting on a nice rock on it's shore...

only when I got bored I started walking along it's side and asked some hikers how far it would be if I tried to go around it... they told me that it was about seven kilometres, two to the waterfall...
I kept walking a bit but when I could see the waterfall far before me I knew I would never make it back in time if I tried to reach it...

and it was impossible to cross the lake earlier because it's rim was like a swamp.
So I had to go back.
If anybody had mentioned that waterfall earlier I could have hurried on the way there... it looked really nice from far away!! >_>
well... we went back and the lady who had the Whiskey on the mountain gave everybody some Haribos.
Sunday was rather boring. Cleaning my room, going grocery shopping.
Thats it for now, I promise!
Congratulations to everybody who actually made it to the end of the entry!


ps.: the photoupload did not work, the ftp-connection does not work, the campus internet blocks pages like photocommunity and stuff... so here the pictures are... (the blog is not in use, I used to like this one better...)Album Wicklow
27.9.10 23:50
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