"Why do you go away?
So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too.
Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."
Terry Pratchett

Last week

Okay, my last entry was 7 days ago... so much about not getting sloppy, but who would want to read this stuff every day? Not me!
So... last week was... let me check my google calender.... okay: last Tuesday was the “Buddy Programme” meeting. We were supposed to meet with a group of people that had the same number behind their names and two Irish guys. Free food and drinks were provided and we are supposed to get together in this group on a regular basis to improve language and cultural exchange and stuff... the probably tried to get as many different nationalities as possible in a group or something... problem was: from my group, only one guy showed up. But the group next to me was very nice and adopted us and some other girl... we want to go to the student bar this Thursday... but maybe we should try to find another time, since this Thursday the Tandem programme starts with a similar evening. And I thought about going there... we'll see...
Wednesday was... nothing I think... the following Thursday was the International Student Reception. Which basically meant free food (finger food, most of which was fish or kind of hard to eat while walking around with a glass in one hand)... and wine (and water)... it was by far easier to drink the rather good red wine than eat... but I met some nice people.
Somebody tried to give a speech... but I hardly understood a word since everybody around me just kept talking as if they had never heard of the word “impolite”....

Friday was “Culture Night”... so after my Irish lesson I went to the city centre where all kinds of galleries and museums were open, music and cultural stuff happening.
It was an awesome night... clear sky, full moon...
There was a very narrow house in which several printing workshops were located. They told me, that around 70 artists worked in there and they explained three kinds of printing on their tour. It was really interesting because they had far more technical possibilities and used more techniques than we had at University... and it was interesting to see, what else one could do in that field of art.
One thing was not too nice: I went to see the Jameson Whiskey Distillery... but they told us (very bluntly) that the tours were full... they really did not make a good impression.
Still the Whiskey was not too bad... I tasted it the next day.

I know this entry is getting kind of long... but in this last part I WILL include pictures!

Sunday we went to thee countryside, to Wicklow county. there were 4 buses (50 seats each) leaving from UCD (how many returned I don't know )...
first we went to a mountain/hill they call "sugar coat hill"... It was not that high, but pretty steep.

the last bit was more climbing than walking. I am, as many will know, in very bad shape (but tomorrow the Ninjutsu classes start and everything will be honky donky... or so I imagine)... but I made it to the top.

Our guide had brought 4 bottles of Whiskey with her that she was serving on the top.

We could see the ocean!

It was cold up there but mostly because of the wind. We even had sunshine that day!

After that we made our way back down we went back to the buses and on to the next valley, about 20 minutes drive.
There was an old monastery with a graveyard, bell tower and two buildings...
one of it in ruins, the other looked not very damaged...

they told us, that the father of Oscar Wilde found two ancient golden crosses in there. It was a really great site...

The valley was called Glendalough, Valley of Two Lakes or so... the St. Kevins Monastery was next to the first one and we were free to go to the second one, the “Upper Lake”...

unfortunately I spend too much time sitting on a nice rock on it's shore...

only when I got bored I started walking along it's side and asked some hikers how far it would be if I tried to go around it... they told me that it was about seven kilometres, two to the waterfall...
I kept walking a bit but when I could see the waterfall far before me I knew I would never make it back in time if I tried to reach it...

and it was impossible to cross the lake earlier because it's rim was like a swamp.
So I had to go back.
If anybody had mentioned that waterfall earlier I could have hurried on the way there... it looked really nice from far away!! >_>
well... we went back and the lady who had the Whiskey on the mountain gave everybody some Haribos.
Sunday was rather boring. Cleaning my room, going grocery shopping.
Thats it for now, I promise!
Congratulations to everybody who actually made it to the end of the entry!


ps.: the photoupload did not work, the ftp-connection does not work, the campus internet blocks pages like photocommunity and stuff... so here the pictures are... (the blog is not in use, I used to like this one better...)Album Wicklow
27.9.10 23:50

Week 3

I just had the funniest evening!
I went to the Dramsoc Theatre where they playing all of shakespeares Plays in 1 1/2 houres! it was hilarious! they did it by minging all 16 of Shaky's comedies, which all basically follow the same pattern, into one 5 minute-text. int involved 3 pairs of twins Ö_ö
But they made up rushing through the comedies and most of the Kings by playing Hamlet 6 times! the first 3 times they kept increasing the speed... and the last 3 they tried to do it backwards!
it was a really great evening and incredibly funny! They even involved the audience... some of them (luckily not me) by spitting on them (Ophelia backwards drowning)...
I had already met one of the 3 actors in my first week when he was sitting on campus and having a teaparty as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He was doing a very convincing job... and the tea was good too... although I felt a little strange sitting there with him... but then again I think that was the idea
Next week I have to go and see a play I don't know... forgot the title... but the girl how showed the Movie on my first day here... I think her name was Saidhbh (pronounced saif)... but I'm not quite sure... well she is in the play next week... actually she was in the play today, too... but I'm not sure if that was completely voluntary or if she was just picked because the actors knew her. she just hat to get on the stage and scream... and beeing a little insulted.
I joined several societies today... like Dramsoc, EnglischSoc, some I don't remember the name of but who said they did drawing-classes... some creative writing-soc... an Irish soc (I got a pretty funny t-shirt there.... IF the inscription means what they told me it meant.... but maybe I will understand it at the end of the semester)... artssoc... I'm not sure...
And I still have to think about what sports-club to join.... maybe I will go with some martial arts club... they said they offered Kung Fu klasses at all levels of fitness and intensity... or fencing? maybe the "get in gear"... a 5 week programme where you can go to as many classes as you want to (I liked salsa for beginners, and yoga and whatnot)... but I have to join at least one other club because it's only 5 weeks.
The Gym looks pretty scary. I saw some guys working out there... and I've deceided to go with another club. Maybe I will get a Gym-card when I get back to Erfurt...

So... that's it for today... still too lazy to upload photos... sorry.

good night!
20.9.10 22:09

Dia duit

I just saw that my last entry was a week ago... and there I promised myself not to get sloppy before the first month was over...
Last week, I had the first lectures... some were mere introductions, other teachers jumped right in, like the Arthistory teacher or the girl that tries to get some words of Irish in our heads. (It's more difficult than I thought, since there seems to be no logical connection whatsoever between the written word and it's pronunciation. But hopefully I will pick up on that eventually. The headline is ponounced "diagwitsh" and means "hello" or "God be with you")
Last week I've been on two city tours. one through the Dublin City Center and one Berlin-Tour. But I've been to Berlin and I got the distinct feeling that they might have been lied to us! especially since the "Berlin-wall" didn't look at all like the one I saw in Berlin...
This tour was part of the Theater Festival... it was interesting to be told about landmarks and the History of Berlin while standing in some alley of Dublin. The actress was really nice... and good. It started out as a normal city-tour but she kept weaving into it some lovestory. was really nice.
Yesterday I've been at a play at the St. Trinity University. But I don't think that the actors were students (some too old, some too young...). They played "Medea".
Not a very happy play... but really well played!
Today I watched some danceshow... two pairs of dancers... the first was rather interesting... but the second... well.... I'm guessing that that was supposed to be interpretative dance... and since I have seen one of those I feel like I've earned the right to make fun of it! Not my cup of tea.
Next week (or tomorrow) is Freshers week... that means that there will be info-tables of all the University clubs and you can sign up for anything... I will go with archery, drama, art, english... and whatever else looks promising... and will buy a ticket for the Trip to Wicklow Mountain next weekend... and join the gym!
There is a nice smootheshop oncampus where one can get freshly squeezed juices... it smells so good even when one comes near it! love it!

well... that's it for now.
I know it is a little boring without pictures... maybe I will edit this entry later and add a picture of my new boots and coat, Oscar Wilde and whatever else I can find.

slán go foill,

ps.: Thanks for the comments and guestbook-entries!
19.9.10 21:05


well... lectures are starting tomorrow.
actually more the lecture. I have only one to attend tomorrow, but I will have to go down to the Applied Languages Center and ask for more modules...
One nice thing about Dublin: the shops are open on Sundays, so if you don't know what to do, you can always go to town and shop.
actually I bought some nice boots totday after the guided walking-tour.
They are not gore-tex... but they are nice, black leather and pretty... But as unstable as the weather is I will need to buy wax or spray unless I want to walk around in wet socks all the time.
On Friday I bought a black wool-coat, so I am now ready for the winter-weather...which is basically the same as every other season I was told.
Today my roommates arrived... they seem nice... and they sound very Irish.
So... that's it for today...

12.9.10 23:09

Photos of my room

So... as promised I tried to tidy up a little and took some photos of the apartment... some of them are a little blurry but I don't want to take them again, so just deal with it!

door and "wardrobe"... two cupboards facing each other.

My desk with the shelf above... and Sasha. The faces on his screen belong to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel... I was just watching the film "(500) Days of Summer"... really nice!!

That's my bed... I did not move the chair since I took the picture of te desk... so you get an Idea of the proportions.

Thats the kitchen-part of our kitchen....

... and that's the livingroom-area of the kitchen. It's rather big.

The shower-room is kind of tiny...

but the shower head and water heater is cool and looks brand new:

The Bathroom with toilet, a bathtub and a sink:

So... that's where I live now...
I will go out and look araound a little... the sun is shining and I don't want to miss it!
cu later.
10.9.10 11:44

Friday morning

here's a picture of the people I mentioned earlier...

left to right: some nice girl from the sports center, Maraike, Jean Baptiste, Lara, Steven, Jeremy Amondine and the German girl who's name I forgot.

Yeah, we went to the gaelic Sports demonstration and tried out Irish Football and several other sports like rowing and archery. they do have a rowing machine... it's really fun.

Afterwards we went to Amondines Place. She lives in one of the expensive Residences... but the apartment looks awesome!
we ordered pizza and got 50% off because we were far over 40 Euro.
In our schedule it said that the Irish Dance would begin at 19:30 so we went straight to the Student Club... but nothing was happening... so we just sat around waiting. The bad thing about this club ist the noise level. even if they have only the radio playing musik... or nothing at all, its annoyingly loud in there. I met the English guy from the bus station last night again. Had forgotten his name (it's hard to remember if you learn about a hundred names every day...) but facebook told me he is called Jonathan... he let me play pool on his team although I really sucked! We still won!
Later they played Irish dancing musik but some girl with a really high-pitched voice kept screaming into her microphone until I got another tinnitus and a mean headache and hat to leave. that sucked... since I really liked the music....
next time I will bring my earplugs!
So... that's it for now... I will try and crawl out of bed (it's only 8:30 but the sun is shining...
10.9.10 09:36

So... I have to start writing in english because you meet so many Germans around here that you hardly speak any English.
well... the english-test went fine, I think... I finally got enough classes (yay!) even some fun ones like "European Cinema" (I have yet to find out what's wrong with this one... normally all the good-sounding courses are full.
I took the Campus Tour yesterday... well... I could have skipped that one since I already found most of it on my map.. but they introduced the DramSoc (Drama Society)... it really sounds like fun...
They are giving away Vodafone Simcards all the time... I had to refuse a couple of times since I already got 2 or three... Have to check out the rates... but they told me I would have free texts even with the prepaid thing. nice.
Afterwards they had the International Student Welcome fair... I signed up for some club that organises trips around the country.
On my Way out I met some guys frome the shopping tour (maybe I remember their names: Jeremy (french), Jean Baptiste and Amondine (belgian), Maraike and Steiven (I have no idea how it is spelled... it's dutch), one Australian girl... Lana? and some German girl...
We waited in line for the BBQ together (for an hour!)... and of course all the good stuff was gone when we finally reached the end of the line...
We met later for a drink in the Student Club where a student band was playing. was good but too loud... I had a tinnitus afterwards... It's getting quieter... but it is not gone yet.

Today I will go to IKEA... they are offering a free shuttle bus there and back again (who noticed the quote? xD)...
at 3:30 there will be a Gealic Sports demonstration... that sounds like real fun. And in the Evening there is some Irish dance thing...

So... that's it for now.
So long...


@Sara: naja, wenn jemand ne Isomatte mitbringt... Ich mach mal Bilder, wenn ich mal aufgeräumt hab.
9.9.10 10:03


Heute war ich mit zur Shopping tour... uns wurde gezeigt, wo der nächste Supermarkt ist (20 min zu fuß!) und dann wie wir in die stadt zu einer großen fußgängerzone kommen und das dortige Kaufhaus.
War ganz nett, weil man da doch noch einige andere Erasmusstudenten kennengelernt hat.
Früh war ich im Internationalen Büro weil ich noch mehr Kurse brauche... und hab immerhin noch 2 bekommen... muss aber nochmal hin... da das ja noch lange nicht reicht.
Als ich wieder zurück gefahren bin (leider hatte ich vergessen, welche Linie wir hinzu genommen hatten, weil die zwar nicht zur Uni fuhr aber dafür dichter am Supermarkt vorbei... ) bin ich noch zweien der Franzosen begegnet und mit denen dann zusammen zum Texco geschlappt. waren echt nett... sie hieß anais, aber seinen namen habe ich sofort wieder vergessen... irgendwas, was ich noch nie gehört hatte.
Sachen heim schleppen war furchtbar! Ich werde ab sofort nur noch mit meinem Rollkoffer einkaufen gehen!
Aber da ich außer etwas schinken wirklich gar nichts zu essen im Haus hatte.
Meine Mitbewohner sind noch nciht aufgetaucht.
Was cool ist: die Tür zur Wohnküche macht dieses seufzende Geräusch wie die Türen bei "Per anhalter durch die Galaxie"! awesome!! ^^
War vorhin im IT-Center und hab dort meine einstellungen richten lassen... und einen gratis 4GB-Usb stick in Armbandform bekommen ^^
Naja, das wars erstmal. werds heut abend bisschen ruhiger angehen... meine Schultern tu weh... und morgen muss ich ja früh raus für den Einstufungs-englischtest... der 2 Stunden dauern soll >__<
Also bis später!
7.9.10 18:53

Eintrag von gestern Abend

Tag 1....
Und kein Internet. Dasheir ist offline getippt und wird später nachgepostet, aber dazu später.

Flug lief gut, Rainer hat mich zum Flughafen gebracht, war also alles kein Problem. Landunfg war bisschen holprig weils über Dublin windig war... und ehrlich: ich fands schon krass dass der Pilot den Flughafen in der Suppe überhaupt gefunden hat denn: es regnete in Dublin.
Diese Art Regen die einem klar macht, dass das jetzt 2 Wochen nonstopp so weiterregnen kann ohne dass die Wolken müde werden.
Aber ich hatte glück... Als ich aus dem Flughafen kam stand da schon der Shuttlebus zur UCD... und fuhr auch sofort ab.
Vom Eingang der Uni (ein riesen Gelände) hat uns jemand gezeigt, wo wir zum Student Center kamen um die Studentcard abzuholen... die ich für den Wohnheim check in brauchte...
Hab mir dann noch gleich eine Travelcard machen lassen, mit der ich dann bei Bus und Bahn studentennachlass kriege (da reicht der Studentenausweiß nicht... ist also mehr wie eine Bahncard oder so)
Naja, Wohnheimzimmer ist wie zu erwarten war, klein. Aber es hat eine Fensterbank auf der man sitzen kann (sobald man ein Handtuch rein klemmt (es zieht!) der Aufenthaltsraum/Küche ist sehr groß für 3 Leute und partytauglich.
Von meinen Mitbewohnern hab ich nur einen kurz gesehen, wollte dann aber los um mich beim international office zu melden... aaaber das hette schon zu.
Hab dann lange überlegt ob ich nicht doch zuhause bleiben soll, aber kein Internet... naja, bin dann jedenfalls zum Programmpunkt „Filmvorführung“ gegangen.
Das war gut, denn sie hat „in Bruges“ (auf deutsch: „Brügge sehn... und sterben?“) gezeigt... den ich mir vermutlich auch allein angeschaut hätte heute abend... weil der toll ist! ^^ aber ich weiß nicht, ob das alle so gesehen haben. Ist halt sehr schwer zu verstehen und grad viele der witze sind genuschelt.
Was nervt: im Wohnheim gibt es zwar ein unverschlüsseltes W-Lan Netz in das ich auch eingeloggt bin... und das auch als stabil und funktionierend angezeigt wird... aber irgendwie keine Internetseiten oder mails läd! Muss ich morgen mal ins IT-Center und die mal fragen, ob sie sichs anschaun.
Naja, jetzt sitze ich hier und werd gleich mal bisschen in dem Buch lesen, dass ich mir vorhin gekauft hab („Tom's Midnight Garden“)... die Verkäuferin hat davon geschwärmt... und so ganz ohne Bücher ist auch blöd. (der Gedichtband, den ich mitgenommen hab zählt da nicht weil das, wie der Titel es schon sagt, es eher eine Hausapotheke ist)
Morgen dann um 10 zum Shoppen.
Good Night.
7.9.10 18:42


Ich hatte im Anderen Blog schon son bisschen darüber geschrieben, was organisatorisch im Vorfeld alles passiert ist, aber ich werde das jetzt hier nochmal zusammenfassen, besonders für die, die auch mit dem Gedanken spielen, sich für Erasmus zu bewerben.

1. Bewerbung bei der Uni Erfurt für das Erasmus Programm oder ähnliches. muss schon lange vorher geplant sein. Erasmus hat mit Ende Januar schon die späteste deadline!
Dafür braucht man: Abizeugnis, Elvisbericht (sofern man schon einen hat. konnte ich also nicht abgeben im 1. Semester), einen Sprachnachweis (die erforderliche Englischprüfung der Stufe B2 wurde an der Uni angeboten), Lebenslauf, Motivationsschreiben, Empfehlungsschreiben eines Dozenten... und die Onlineanmeldung, die man dann ausdruckt und mit dazu legt. (mit Foto...) das ganze abgeben im Internationalen Büro.

2. Wenn man von der Uni Erfurt nominiert wird muss man sich an der entsprechenden Gasthochschule nochmal bewerben, aber da kriegt man eigentlich von denen was zugeschickt. in Dublin war das auch wieder online, und man musste so sachen wie Elvisbericht, Zeugnis etc einscannen. und hochladen.
Nach der Bestätigung von Dublin ist erstmal ziemlich lange gar nichts passiert.
Man braucht da auch vom Internationalen Büro Erfurt eine Bestätigung, dass man tatsächlich nominiert wurde.

3. Bewerbung fü reinen Wohnheimplatz
astronomisch teuer, aber ich habs gemacht. wenn nicht muss man noch länger warten, die meisten WGs suchen ja Leute, die zeitnah nach dem Auszug des vormieters einziehen, also muss man bis August oder so warten um sich ein Zimmer zu suchen. In Dublin ist es ziemlich üblich, sich ein WG zimmer mit mehreren zu teilen (ein grund mehr, ein Wohnheimplatz zu nehmen).

4. Bafög-Antrag
Uns wurde gesagt, dass man es auch dann versuchen soll, wenn man in deutschland kein Bafög kriegt, da die Sätze höher sind. Unglaublicher Papierkrieg. Sollte so früh wie möglich organisiert werden. weiß noch nicht, was bei mir rauskommt, aber ich rechne fest mit einer Absage.

5. Annahmebestätigung Erasmus
Vom Internationalen Büro bekommt man dann Zettel zugeschickt (viel wird einfach über Mail geregelt) die man Unterschreiben muss: die Bestätigung der Annahme der Erasmusförderung.

6. Kursbelegung und "Learning Agreement"
Man muss die Kurse, die man gewählt hat in das sogenannte Learning agreement eintragen, womit man bestätigt, dass man tatsächlich als Vollzeitstudent (voraussetzung für Erasmus) dort weiterstudiert.
In Dublin kam die Mail Mitter dieser Woche (Dienstag abend). Im Gegensatz zur Kurswahl in Erfurt war es keine Schlacht um Bruchteile von Sekunden um einen Kurs zu kriegen, sondern man sollte seine Wahl an die Koordinatorin dort schicken. Für sprachkurse muss man noch einmal eine extra-bewerbung schicken und vermutlich einen Einstufungstest (wie den OPT in Erfurt) machen. Ich werd denen mal schreiben, ob mein "B2"-Schein da schon reicht.
Und man muss natürlich vorher mit den Dozenten klären, ob die Kurse akzeptabel sind und für das Studium anerkannt werden. Kunst und Anglistik hab ich da schon, muss nur noch versuchen rauszufinden, wies bei StuFu aussieht (der Berufsfeld kurs sollte kein Problem sein, da es ein Sprachkurs (Irisch ^^) ist.

7. Anreise:
Flug sollte man so bald wie möglich buchen. die werden nur teuer, und wenn das semester zu den Weihnachtsferien (22.Dez, also Abflug dann am 23.) endet kann man sich auch nicht drauf verlassen, einen Last-Minute-FLug zu kriegen, fürchte ich.
Ich werd auch vorher noch eine Packliste zusammenstellen, damit ich hinterher weiß, was ich brauche und was ich davon schon eingepackt hab.

Ich warte jetzt noch auf Nachrichten von Herrn Neumann und/oder Frau Bonczyk wegen der Belegung und LP-Problematik. ich werd hier aktualisieren, wenn ich weiß wies nun funktioniert.
22.8.10 14:23

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