"Why do you go away?
So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too.
Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."
Terry Pratchett

Survival/ escape and evasion course

Well... this week was our Survival weekend...
I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to go... especially after the short night friday (essay finished at half 2 (that actually means half PAST two, not like the German "halb zwei". confusing!).
since they were talking about leaving really early, at 7 (there was even talk of starting off at 6!)... so i got up early and went to the meeting point 15 minutes early and watched the sunrise. at 7, the first person showed up... well to make a long story short: we left half 7 and stopped at some petrol station for breakfast.
when we finally arrived in the wood in wicklow, near the two lakes we went to a few weeks ago with the Erasmus group, carried our stuff up to a clearing and noticed, that the group before us had left the space covered in carbage! So we had to clean up first and build up the tents. Rob had a spare sleeping bag and mat and Sinead (that's a girls name... i always forget it because I haven't heard it before... but I have difficulties with most irish names...) however, she was so nice let me stay with her in her tent! (two guys actually built their own shelters and said, it was fine, warm and dry and not-windy... but I would had been too terrified of random spiders to walk in... not to mention the random Rottweiler that Rob and Mary brought along (he was actually very nice and well-behaved... but huge! He made me very nervous in the beginning... especially once, when he met me in the forest...I had pulled my hat in my face and he started growling at me!)

the first thing we did was "how to lit a fire"... it had been raining the whole week... so it wasn't too easy, but Laura and I got a fire started after Robin (or was it Simon? I don't remember... well... one of the twins.) and Richy told us what we were doing wrong!
after lunch an Army-guy (Kevin?) came and showed us, how to camourflage properly and how to move forward, if you don't want to be seen. And last, how to use a map and giving precise coordinates on that map.
Before dinner we had to sneak up on Rob from about 200 meters away... I didn't reach him in time, but I wasn't shot (airsoft-gun) either so he didn't see me xD
we left our fire around 9 and walked down to the nearest village and spend the rest of the evening in a pub. Rob got really drunk. when we got back at midnight he began lighting a new fire and came in our tent when he heard, that Sinead and I were still talking and asked us, if we didn't want come out again and join the three remaining people around the fire... (we didn't)
we had 4°C around midnight, 1° at 8 in the morning (after sunrise)... and the air inside the tent was very damp... but i wore my hat and scarf... and most of my clothes... but I still couldn't sleep much... annoying.
After breakfast the next morning (Rob left his tent very late, but surprisingly fit), we packed up our stuff, brought it to the cars and got our instructions and a short first-aid-course (which is handy, since I already forgot most of that stuff... and the Irish don't have to do a course at all when they get their drivers license).
We had to devide into a camourflage and one normally dressed group. I was in the non-camo group. Richy gave us coordinates and we had to find it on the map and decide, how we want to get there (Rob went with us, but he wasn't allowed to help us find our way... but it was one path over the hill that went all the way to the waterfall that we had to reach.)... and we were told that the camo-group would try and sneak up on us and take us hostage. I don't really know, why we had to walk there... because they went to there by car as far as I know and the hide-and-seek game started there. (maybe they would have attacked us earlier, if we had taken the street.)
it was a really nice day, sunshine and all... and the hill and the waterfall (which was between the two lakes I wrote about a few weeks ago) was awesome...nice view! uphill was really exhausting and downhill my knees starte to hurt again...
but it was really funny how the people at the waterfall stared when we found the camo-guys. (and they didn't even do it properly with facepaint and plants like last night!)
It probably took longer than they expected (plus there was the storm warning and the getting-dark-at 5 thing...) so they decided that we would not walk back to the campsite and go up the next hill, but just had "lunch" (4pm) at a local pub in Glenda Lough, next to the monestary.
So... that's about it...
and I will go to bed now! it's only 9:15pm but I am really tired!
good thing that my first lecture tomorrow is at 1pm.

7.11.10 22:11
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