"Why do you go away?
So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too.
Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."
Terry Pratchett

Belfast and Ninjutsu Seminar

hm... I forgot to write about the Trip to Belfast... I uploaded a few pictures to Facebook... I think it still won't work here...
On Friday we arrived in Belfast around 2, which was great because we had time to go to the city center, look around and go shopping... I found some really nice shops, but didn't buy anything... actually I hoped to find some Christmas presents but didn't... one of the shopping centers had a glass dome from which you could see the whole city.
at 5 (too soon) the buses collected us and brought us back to the hostel... we could have walked... but I had no idea how to find it!
We cooked our own dinner, I bought some salad and microwave-rice at the Spar next door... the rice was really good. At 9 we left and went to two pubs....
breakfast was dreadful the next morning... well, not the food (toast with Nutella is good), but the instant coffee was undrinkable...
We left Belfast and went to some cliffs, where we could walk to a rope-bridge... We did not cross it (you had to pay... and I'm not even sure, if I could have done it)... we had nothing but sunshine that day. It was great. We drove the up coastline a little further, had lunch in a pub (I had Irish Stew... was nice) and then got to the Giant's Causeway... it's hard to describe... it is a rock formation that is really cool, plus cliffs and sea and sunshine and nice people... and the story behind it was funny... something about a bridge built between Northern Ireland and Scotland and a giant from Scotland coming over... and the (smaller) giant in Northern Ireland, who was very wise (he had eaten the “salmon of knowledge” ôo) dressed up as a baby so the Scottish giant thought he was just the baby of the Irish giant and panicked and flew, destroying the bridge behind him....
A few people got hit by a wave! I accidentally filmed that when I was just filming waves... ^^ have to put that up on Facebook... totally forgot about that. ^^
Saturday night we went to a Nightclub... I thought I should go, socialising etc... but I didn't really like it.
On Sunday we had a political cab-tour. They showed us the protestant area of Belfast (which looked really... scary. (except for all the geese!), the peace-wall (that separates the protestant from the catholic area) and the catholic area, which looked much nicer... much more suburb.
After the cab tour, we could go to the city again... sadly, the shops didn't open until 1pm... so I chose the earliest cab-group in vain! We had a coffee at Starbucks... I tried one of their Christmas specials... it was disgusting! (I hate syrup in coffee!). But the Lemon and Poppyseed muffin was good.
In town we found a really cool shop “the white shop” or something like that... the decoration was awesome!! every changing-booth was decorated like one room of the house! Even garden shed, toilet were there! The shop was great. Sadly, the clothes were not really my... colour (they were not white, despite the name of the shop... but still...). The employees were all really happy to work there. Nice atmosphere!
What was really cool was, that if you looked down the main roads of Belfast, you always looked at hills! It didn't really feel like a big city in the centre.
That's about it...

yesterday I got my first ever sport-related diploma.... and not even one that says „successful participation“ (which I always thought sound kind of sarcastic). But I'm really not sure if I should be happy about that. I really liked having the white belt... because I could take a BIG step back when Rob used sentences like „the green-belts will go first“... But since you have only 3 ½ colours in Ninjutsu, „green“ means really good people doing this for years as well as people like me, who still don't get how half of it works! (the colours are white (real beginners), green and black... and the half colour is red, which actually is green, but for girls).
So I'm really scared that people would expect much more of me now! ... and I'm not sure, if I really want to wear the belt (looks stupid with a wide T-shirt anyway)...

really weird parts of me hurt today... my neck for example.. or my left leg... (might have fallen on that one) but the Ninjutsu seminar was interesting. They showed us more of the mean tricks in the first two hours (yes, it started an hour late... ) and weapon fight in the second half.
most dreaded part was there: we had to get up in pairs of two and each show one technique we had learned... I really panicked because the line moved so quickly and I had no idea what I should do... so I just went for simple grab his face, trip him and push him over... I don't like the grapping someone's face-stuff... but I couldn't think of anything else >_< After that they were handing out the diplomas for people who „levelled up“ … Vitali got his first black-belt grade... that was really impressive... he had to fight against up to three people for 20 minutes (?) with and without weapons...
The description said the seminar would be from 10 to 4pm... but we did not start before 11... so I got up much too early once more! xD
As usual, we went to the Bar afterwards... but beer at 5 after a day like that really knocked me out... I could have gone to bed at 7!... I waited until 10... but once I was in bed, I couldn't sleep, dreading next Tuesday!

Now I will go to the city... looking around in the pedestrian zone next to the cinema I we went to on Friday (Harry Potter was awesome... but felt like leaving the cinema in the middle of the film!)... and maybe to IKEA!

21.11.10 12:54
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